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ITSM: Focusing on The Fundamentals

ITSM: Focusing on The Fundamentals

IT Service Management (ITSM) refers to the process of managing IT service delivery for customers by teams. This encompasses all the multiple activities and procedures for designing, creating, delivering, and backing IT services to customers. The basic concept revolves around the philosophy of IT delivered in the form of a service. ITSM goes way beyond daily IT interactions and support. Teams in this division supervise various types of technologies in the workplace, including servers, laptops, crucial business software applications, and more.

ITSM tools and practices enable better cross-team cooperation, collaboration, and communication. They automate repetitive tasks while empowering the end-user. Why is ITSM important? Let us take a look at the key reasons below.

Why Is ITSM Essential?

ITSM is crucial for most enterprises due to these reasons:

  • It helps sync IT teams with business objectives which are tracked through diverse metrics for success.
  • It easily enables cross-department working and collaboration.
  • It brings together IT and development teams with streamlined perspectives towards managing projects.
  • It helps shore up productivity and efficiency-related gains with a more structured outlook towards service management.
  • It also standardizes service delivery based on results, resources, and budgets, while lowering costs and risks simultaneously.
  • IT teams can continually share knowledge and keep improving on their duties. It also enhances coordination of requests for superior service.
  • The ultimate focus is always on the customer with improved processes and self-service alike.
  • There are also quicker responses to key incidents while preventing future cases from cropping up.

Hence, companies require ITSM for pro-actively streamlining their processes, enhancing ROI (return on investment), lowering IT costs, and unlocking digital transformation through tools that enable advanced use cases like automation and others. In fact, keeping all these benefits in mind, it can be said that ITSM may eventually enable superior accountability and transparency within organizations.

ITSM with Jira Service Management

Enterprises also stand to gain from ITSM with Jira Service Management implementation. Empyra is a go-to solution for cutting-edge Jira Service Management implementation in India and the United States along with helping companies unlock the power of ITSM for the best possible results. Here are some of the benefits of ITSM with JSM from Empyra:

  • Atlassian certified consultants for enabling maximum utilization of the JSM investment.
  • Unlocking better-performing teams through higher visibility of work and collaborative and open platforms for faster delivery of value and improved customer experiences.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with easy management, tracking, and responses to requests.
  • Faster incident resolution with features like system tracking, problem monitoring, and alerts.
  • Value can be delivered faster with enhanced dashboard-based visibility and collaboration between IT Ops and DevOps.
  • Teams can manage work requests better while resolving issues swiftly and developing superior products at the same time. They can manage business assets and changes seamlessly while enhancing the efficiency levels of their service desks.

Empyra offers advanced Jira Service Management (JSM) services, including implementation, optimization (elimination of duplicate user licenses, identification and elimination of redundant applications, better license management), Atlassian migration (easy migration to JSM from other tools without disrupting the business, customization, data migration, and JSM integration with pre-existing tools), and Atlassian training (customized, classroom, remote, or on-site by Atlassian experts). Contact our team today to discuss your needs and schedule a free consultation.

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