Tag tracker for Jira

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Track users tagged on a project seamlessly

This Atlassian Marketplace App can be used to identify the tagged users in your issues that have not taken any action since they were tagged on the ticket’s comment. This can be used by project managers to find out the bottleneck in any issue’s progress. For project admins, the app resides inside the project, alongside project settings. For site admins, the app can be viewed from the System dashboard catalog.

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Create report of users tagged in the last comment

Discover what is causing bottlenecks in your project by generating a report of users tagged in the last comment where the issue has not progressed.

Export report to CSV for Project status meetings

Analyze delays and work with team members to ensure action on stuck issues.

Run reports frequently by using saved filters

Save time and ensure consistency across your project portfolio. PMs can run reports for various teams (eg. QA Team, Dev Team, etc.) using different saved filters.
Save Reports and send reminders

Save Reports and send reminders

This app allows the users to save reports and export data to CSV for analysis. Users can also send email reminders to each tagged user along with the number of days delayed and the assignee for the respective issue.

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