Connector for Jira

Connect your Jira and ServiceNow instances

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Bi-directional Sync b/w ServiceNow & Jira

Organizations use ServiceNow and Jira for their different teams for different purposes. Often engineering and product teams use Jira, while the customer support and operations teams are on ServiceNow. ServiceNow Connector for Jira helps to bring these two disparate systems together and enables users for seamless bi-directional sync between ServiceNow incidents with Jira issues.

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Stay Organized

Easily track changes and sync between two different systems in an Audit Log.
Stay Connected

Stay Connected

Automatically creates an incident in ServiceNow, when an issue is registered in Jira and update values in real-time and vice versa.

Field Mapping

The App syncs all values from Jira Issue to ServiceNow incidents like component, reporter, assignee, custom fields, attachment, and comments based on field mapping.

Real-time Visibility

The App shows the link for the Jira issue key on the ServiceNow field and the ServiceNow incident number on Jira Issue.

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