Empyra is a cloud software development company that provides technology solutions to businesses to manage and facilitate their business processes efficiently.

Empyra was founded 20 years ago in Ohio, United States with an ethos of makings its customers successful in their line of business. Empyra is committed to its mission of building great software and enabling our customers to do the same as well. Empyra provides technology consulting services in niche areas of software development and agile project management.This expertise is built upon two decades of experience in delivering seamless innovations in these areas.

Empyra enables software teams across startups and Fortune 500 firms to become smarter and faster every day. Our focus on customer excellence has enabled us to grow and retain our customers. We continue to invest in the nurturing and growth of our consultants, providing a well-qualified consulting workforce for you. Empyra’s consulting services professionals have the experience and skills to analyze business needs, and align solutions that take account of your technical needs and financial constraints solutions that take account of your technical needs and financial constraints. We are committed to the success of our customers.

Products offered by Empyra - Atlassian Solutions

Atlassian Product Suite

Empyra is an Atlassian expert partner. Empyra sells and customizes Atlassian software for any business need. Empyra will customize the Atlassian product suite for a team’s unique requirements.

Atlassian plugins

Empyra helps customers find and purchase the right plugin from the Atlassian marketplace. We help you make the best use of existing offerings in Atlassian ecosystem.

Custom plugins

Empyra develops custom plugins for specific business needs of a customer. This will allow you to do things beyond the traditional and out of the box capabilities of the products that you have purchased, hence delivering higher value on your investments.


Consulting Services

Empyra provides best in breed consulting services around Atlassian products. We are power users as well as advocates of the products. We help optimize customer’s existing business process and help them leverage the most out of Atlassian product offerings. We keep our customer’s need at the front and work backwards from there.

Product installations

Empyra has rich experience with Atlassian product installation best practices. We can help a customer get onboard an OnPremise or OnDemand version of Atlassian product without any hiccups.


Empyra’s expert trainers can help in smooth adoption of Atlassian products within a company’s user base. We deliver in person training sessions, webinars, and knowledge documents to our customers on Atlassian products and best practices.

Custom development

Empyra is traditionally a software development company. We build custom software that complements Atlassian products to ensure that a customer’s specific business needs are met. If you have a problem that can’t be solved with an out-of-the-box product, we have a solution for it.

Contact Us

Contact Information Our team will always provide on-going support to ensure that all your questions and issues are handled in a timely manner. Empyra provides unlimited email and telephone support during normal business hours.

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