Apps by Empyra

Augment the possibilities from Atlassian products. Use our Marketplace Apps to do more. We build apps that are publicly available for general Atlassian customers and custom apps that have very niche purpose of solving pain points specific to a customer.

Tag Tracker

Tag Tracker App identify issues that have not progressed based on the tagged user(s) in the last comment

  • Identify tagged users causing hold-ups
  • Create report of users tagged in the last comment
  • Export report to CSV for Project status meetings
  • Run reports frequently by using saved filters
  • Remind them of required action. Eliminate project delays. Never miss a project deadline

Jira ServiceNow Connector  

Real-time bi-directional sync Jira and ServiceNow

  • Create ServiceNow incidents upon creation of Jira issues
  • Send updates from Jira to ServiceNow automatically
  • Bring back updates from ServiceNow to Jira in real time
  • Provide ServiceNow login credential in Jira admin section
  • Do the mapping using Field Mapper in Jira
  • A true Jira native app with all configuration right inside Jira

CSV User Importer for Jira

Create Jira users in bulk by uploading a CSV file

  • Use a CSV with several columns
  • Upload the CSV file and map to the correct field (e.g. username, email ID etc.)
  • Map users to multiple Jira groups
  • See the upload result on the Uploaded screen
  • Manage the users in User Management section of Jira

Bulk User Delete for Jira

  • You will have access to the same users list as you have in User Management
  • You will be able to search and sort your users.
  • You will be able to multi-select users and click on delete button to delete them from Jira
  • The app performs necessary checks (e.g. if the user is an assignee on any Jira issue etc.) before performing the delete.
  • Only if all the necessary conditions are satisfied by Jira’s business layer the app deletes the users.
  • You will see the result of the delete after you perform the action.
  • If any user if not deleted you will see a reason for that too.
  • You can download all Jira users in a CSV file and prepare a list of users you want to delete in bulk
  • Use the prepared CSV file and delete all users in the list in bulk
  • Works with Server and Data Center installations & available in cloud version

Enhanced User Profile for Jira

Create enhanced profiles of your Jira users in bulk and see Employee details on every Jira issue

  • Use CSV file to import/create Jira users
  • Provide user details, group names, profile information (all types of information that are relevant to your organization) E.g. Supervisor name, position, City, Phone Number, Business Unit, Cost Center etc.
  • Import the file in Jira to create users with profile information.
  • You can also import CSV file for your current users to augment their Jira user information with enhanced profile information.
  • Everyone can hover over these Jira users on places like Assignee, Reporter fields and any other places that they are used and see their detail profile.
  • This will enhance productivity as it will provide employees relevant information about each other on fingertips.

Map user properties to Jira custom fields

  • Import bulk user properties for JIRA user
  • View user properties(profile info) on assignee, report and any user picker hover
  • Map user properties to custom fields of issues
  • Auto populate custom field’s values based on user picker (assignee, reporter and any user picker)
  • Use JQL search power using user property to search any issues

Automate project creations based on workflow transition conditions. Project Creation App helps to automate project creations based on workflow transition conditions. Project is created once the condition satisfies without the need for manual creation. Project Creation app automates project creation and is easy to mange and track project creation using the project status page.

  • Project can be created by specifying the condition (project, Issue type and workflow transition)
  • Project details can be updated using custom fields (created manually by the user). These custom fields are mapped to project system fields.
  • Mapping can vary for each condition. Each project creation can have its own custom field mapping to update project details.
  • Track created projects in the status page and all the projects created are listed in this page.

SAP SuccessFactors HCM connector for JSD

Now connect your SAP SuccessFactors HCM system to Jira Service Desk to

Some benefits of the seamless integration:

  • Raise IT support ticket in Jira automatically e.g. new equipment request based on the level and team of the newly hired employee.
  • Raise Access Card requests to Facilities Management team using Jira Service Desk.
  • Assign required reading task to the new employee (E.g. code of conduct, vacation policy etc.)
  • Grant access to Jira projects based on the group/cost center of the employee.
  • Assignment of ongoing tasks to backup resources in case of Long Term Disability or vacation.
  • Disallowing Jira issue assignment in case of employee’s long term unavailability.
  • Single Sign On from SAP SuccessFactors.

SAP SuccessFactors Connector for JIRA

Sync users and their HR information from SAP SuccessFactors toJira automatically

  • Sync users from SAP SuccessFactors to Jira automatically
  • Connect existing Jira users to their HCM database
  • Pull HR information from SAP SuccessFactors into Jira
  • Show HR information like supervisor, location, cost center etc. on Jira issue
  • Manage these HCM information in Jira