Empyra provides best in breed consulting services around Atlassian products. We are power users as well as advocates of the products. We help optimize customer’s existing business process and help them leverage the most out of Atlassian product offerings.

Welcome to Empyra Enterprise  Consulting

Atlassian Solutions

Empyra is an Atlassian Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner with offices in USA, Canada and India. Empyra has 20+ years of enterprise consulting experience and has partnership alliances with Atlassian, Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce etc.

Empyra is among select list of Platinum & Enterprise level partners of Atlassian in the United States. We specialize in providing enterprise grade solutions and implementation with Atlassian products with focus around systems integration, SDLC, ITSM, Agile & DevOps adoption, data migration, hosting, support, training and maintenance.

Empyra is also an Atlassian Marketplace vendor and authorized training partner.

Highlighted Services

License Management

Procurement, renewals, upgrades, co-terms, discounts, etc. Who wants to be bothered? We take all this off your hands.

Atlassian Plugins

At Empyra we help customers find and purchase the right plugin from the Atlassian marketplace. We help you make the best use of existing offerings in Atlassian ecosystem.

Custom Plugins

Empyra develops custom plugins for specific business needs of a customer. This will allow you to do things beyond the traditional and out of the box capabilities of the products that you have purchased, hence delivering higher value on your investments.

What We Do

Enterprise Implementations

Everything from installation to support, we can help design and implement even the most complex tool chains.

DevOps Optimization

We design and implement, and integrate advanced tool chains to ensure a streamlined and automated development process.

Atlassian Product Suite

Empyra is an Atlassian Platinum Enterprise Partner. We sell and customize Atlassian software for any business need. Empyra will customize the Atlassian product suite for your team’s unique requirements.

Service Management (ITSM)

From simple to complex. We design, implement, configure and support robust ISTM processes and the tools behind them.

Manage Requests

We do a system and business analysis to determine the best way to optimize your existing tools and the processes built around and within them.

User Training

Classroom, customized, on-site, or remote. We can create and carry out a training plan that’s right for your team.


Migrating to or from Atlassian cloud, legacy applications, or other tools. We can get your data where it needs to be.


We’re anti-silo. Nothing should stand alone. We can make just about any system talk, including non Atlassian applications.

Custom App Development

When out-of-the-box functionality is missing, we can make it happen. We build Atlassian add-ons (apps) that make things work the way you need them to.