Jira Work Management Implementation

Jira Work Management's custom templating engine simplifies the order fulfillment process automating workflows and tracking progress.

Large OEM Supplier Revolutionizes Order Fulfilment Process with Jira Work Management


2x  Productivity Achieved by using Atlassian Jira Work Management


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Machinery                 Ohio, USA


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Discover How a Large OEM Supplier Revolutionized their Order Fulfilment Process through Jira Work Management


With a legacy spanning 80 years, this world-renowned OEM supplier specializes in vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, and more. They produce high-quality metal-cutting and EDM machines in the market, with precision and accuracy unmatched by any other component manufacturer. In addition to their rigorous performance standards, this OEM supplier is available round the clock providing services with relentless craftsmanship.


Customers prefer them for their exceptional manufacturing expertise across a diverse range of machinery and their innovative technological solutions that ensure high tolerance and reliability. With a proven track record of delivering unparalleled quality, they are committed to meeting their customer needs with precision.

Lack of visibility & oversight bringing on business operation challenges


The company was using an ERP system to receive orders from customers. But they were facing difficulties in effectively fulfilling the orders. Their dependency on spreadsheets for order tracking proved cumbersome. Their document management process was error-prone because they relied on multiple collaboration tools. With various tasks and sub-tasks involved in completing orders, tailored approaches were required to cater to different customer needs.

Different teams using multiple spreadsheets created work silos resulting in visibility issues across verticals. They lacked a comprehensive
project-level view of work, dependencies, and roadmaps. And hence the stakeholders, leaders, and project teams were at risk of losing sight of the bigger picture and the status of deliverables. They needed a solution that could streamline the fulfillment process, minimize human error, and ensure clarity across all levels.


The Need: An Effective Solution for Automation & Organization


To address the lack of visibility and increasing work silos, the company wanted a sophisticated tool that could automate its order fulfillment process. They wanted to streamline the process and capture all information and manage documents in one place, with the option to track orders in a workflow-driven manner. Every order the company receives must be recorded with extensive details regarding the requirements and corresponding documents attached. They needed a custom project template in order to create new projects for automation.


Realizing that our problem would require a custom solution on top of Jira Work Management, we

initially felt overwhelmed and thought it would be a time-consuming process,

but Empyra® made things simpler.


The Proposal: A Custom Solution that Satisfies the Business Requirements. 


Empyra® proposed a custom application that would capture the whole order fulfillment process in Jira Work Management. The solution offered a range of features that facilitated the process, including options to select projects based on a contract review template, Jira custom fields, and values during the order creation.

The application also enabled the auto-creation of issues and tasks in the destination project in Jira, with specific order types. With various options for selecting project templates, destination projects, and issue types the solution provided the customer with complete control over the process.

Moreover, the application allowed users to create and link Confluence spaces and page tree structures to specific project issues/tasks, improving collaboration and visibility across the entire process.


Just as we anticipated, creating custom templates for each unique order, and

integrating them with the target project and corresponding documents was challenging.

However, our engineering team rose to the occasion, skillfully comprehended customer needs,

and delivered a Custom Templating Engine that seamlessly integrates with Jira Work Management. 


The Magic Wand: Implementing Jira Work Management with Custom Template Engine


Empyra® implemented a wholesome Jira Work Management solution to automate the entire order fulfillment process. The OEM supplier needed to use custom fields to capture all the information, and the default Jira Work Management template was not sufficient for this unique requirement. Empyra® designed a unique templating engine on top of Jira Work Management that lets the users create their project templates with predetermined to-dos and subtasks for each order type.

Empyra's custom solution simplified the OEM supplier's order fulfillment process as summarized below:

  1. Master Template Creation: Users can create a master template with custom fields and document links. It outlines every task, sub-task, and linkage.
  2. Contract Review Process: Users can pick the contract review template and create a new project. This new project contains all the predefined tasks related to the contract review process.
  3. Order Management Process: Users can select the project template, issue type, and target project. The system picks all the issues from the master template and creates the tasks in the target project.

Thanks to Empyra’s custom solution, the OEM supplier was able to streamline their order fulfillment process, increase cross-vertical visibility throughout the organization, and eliminate redundancies in their workflow.


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