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Navigating the Future of Team Collaboration: Insights from Atlassian's Team '24

Navigating the Future of Team Collaboration: Insights from Atlassian's Team '24

Take a front-row seat to the future with the latest from Team '24! Atlassian is reaching new heights, whether it's unveiling cutting-edge products, expanding its influence, or achieving remarkable milestones. Delve into the revelations of Team '24 now!


Why settle for good when you can have great? Atlassian's “System of Work”

Atlassian's vision centers around their unique approach to teamwork, known as the "system of work." Unveiled at Team '24, this holistic framework emphasizes aligning work with clearly defined objectives, efficient planning and tracking, and seamless knowledge dissemination. The aim is to provide organizations with a cohesive platform that integrates products, services, practices, and platform capabilities to foster transparency, productivity, and synergy across diverse teams.

The Three Pillars of Atlassian's System of Work

  • Aligning work to clear goals
  • Planning and tracking work effectively across teams
  • Building, sharing, and utilizing knowledge to its fullest potential

When you have Jira, Confluence, and Loom across your organization, every team operates on the same fundamental structure.


Embracing Atlassian Intelligence Means Unlocking a Treasure Trove of Benefits

Introducing Atlassian Rovo:

At Team '24, several groundbreaking advancements were introduced, including Atlassian Rovo. It is an AI-powered suite designed to enhance productivity and collaboration across teams. Including features like enterprise search, knowledge cards, definitions & topics, chat, agents, and more, these features are meticulously crafted to turbocharge individual, team, and organizational productivity.

AI Automations in Jira:

Users can now employ AI Automations in Jira to describe tasks in natural language, this enables Atlassian Intelligence to automatically craft the corresponding automation rule. The functionality is already live in Jira, providing seamless automation capabilities.

Jira Product Discovery:

Users can share live roadmaps seamlessly, enhancing stakeholder engagement. This capability ensures sensitive information is safeguarded while providing relevant updates to leadership and enterprise clients. Teams can foster transparency and build trust, optimizing productivity and feedback loops.

Introducing Atlassian Guard:

Atlassian's cloud security product has been rebranded as Atlassian Guard. It is launched in two plans: Atlassian Guard Standard and Atlassian Guard Premium. Formerly known as Atlassian Access, it offers enhanced security features for organizations.

Atlassian Goals: 

This new feature bridges the gap between individual tasks and company goals. It ensures everyone works towards a shared vision by aligning objectives. The Teamwork Graph ensures consistent goal data across Confluence, JPD, and Jira, providing a unified view of objectives.

Company Hub: Your Internal Communication Powerhouse

Introducing Company Hub, a unified platform designed to streamline internal communication. Share key updates and resources with ease, and create a custom intranet tailored to your organization or specific teams. Company Hub offers advanced branding and homepage customization capabilities. (Early access and beta testing in progress)

Additional Product Enhancements We’re Excited About

  • Focus on improved developer workflow with the Incidents Tab in Jira: Streamline incident response, analysis, task management, and post-incident reviews.
  • Proactive Problem Solving with Work Suggestions in Jira: Identify high-priority tasks and enable swift action for improved team performance.
  • Focus on Developers with API Documentation in Compass: Automate updates, centralize documentation, and provide health scorecards for efficient development.
  • Unified Design Workflow for Developers & Designers: Enhance design integration, stay informed about updates, and streamline workflow.
  • Simplify Issue Management with Jira's New Look - List Views: Transform workflow, utilize in-line editing, drag-and-drop features, and organize work efficiently.
  • Optimize DevOps with Atlassian Analytics: Harness SCM, CI/CD, and feature flag data, identify roadblocks, and pinpoint areas for improvement across teams.

Atlassian-Empyra Collaboration: Shaping the Future of Teamwork

From game-changing advancements in productivity and collaboration to the introduction of teamwork foundations, Atlassian continues to lead the charge in furnishing organizations with the tools and frameworks requisite for thriving in the intricate tapestry of the modern workplace. To explore the manifold benefits of these innovations and unlock the full potential of your team, leverage Empyra's collaboration with Atlassian by scheduling a consultation with our experts.

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