Developed by Australian firm Atalassian, Jira is an integrated project management software that also works toward tracking bugs and issues. Furthermore, Jira enables you to manage and plan all possible software development tools at one place with its advanced configurations that are available in the Jira Service Desk.

Jira Service Desk acts as a platform that allows you to communicate with your team members effectively by being able to track, manage and resolve customer requests. The service desk grants you and your team an access to customer requests, which can be addressed through the software, resulting in an optimal performance of your business. You could look for a Jira Service Desk Demo, to gain more insights on the matter.

Using the Jira Service Desk, you can also choose to get regular alerts that will help you stay on top of your toes when it comes to delivering an A-grade project. There are several advanced workflow configurations integrated into the Jira Service Desk, which make it more efficient and suitable to your organizational needs. These include:

  • Triggers-
  • Triggers as an easy way to keep all your project information in sync with all the development tools you are using. Instead of manually synchronizing your data, you can choose triggers to automatically update the status.

  • Conditions-
  • As an admin of the project, conditions let you control and regulate what kinds of transitions must be executed by users. Unless you grant permission, users will not be able to make any changes in the transition. If the admin fails a condition, the user will be unable to carry out any changes whatsoever.

  • Validations-
  • Admins or validators in the team are in charge of approving or validating transitions, before they are finalized or fixed. If the validation fails, the transition is curbed by the software from being executed.

  • Post Functions-
  • These functions allow admins to alter or make any necessary changes to a transition, after it is passed, post validation and conditioning. This includes altering fields, adding comments or triggering notifications.
    You can also make post functions send out Hip-Chat notifications and email notifications. To know how to work your way around performing these tasks, you could opt for a Jira Service Desk Demo.

  • Transition properties-
  • Properties offer the opportunity to further make value-additions to your transitions, and ultimately your project. You can customize your transitions, make changes to it and also translate it into different languages for a better understanding. Furthermore, you can also change the way your transition looks, with these settings, to alter the view of your transitions effectively.

    With the help of all these configurations, each project which is linked to any of your departments will be able to provide customer satisfaction to its fullest, and ensure a above par fulfillment of your project.