Sometimes the difference between success and failure of a business is the way you automate. We are no longer in the industrial age where everything is about laboring physically for the best results. We are now in the information age where the internet and online applications move things. Don’t get the wrong idea though, building a website alone is not the end of it all. You need a website that looks and works well in terms of speed, usability, and visibility as well as software that can help move things faster and make work easier. Atlassian tools like Jira Software will provide you with the tools you need to do just that.

Jira is just one in a collection of Atlassian tools that helps business people synchronize and streamline their operations. For instance,Jira Service Desk is great in helping you interact and solve customer’s queries and requests, as well as other tools that can help you better track and release your own software and achieve your strategic goals.

Here are a few software development tools from Atlassian to consider:


This is the apex software development tool which is a favorite among developers and can be used to track and release software. It is great for agile teams and provides excellent integration tools for developers.

Bamboo Software

This tool offers continuous integration and testing it also has sophisticated features that are a huge help overall. Its ability to integrate well with Jira is another great selling point for this software


Bitbucket is a team collaboration tool that allows your team to communicate in real time on the things that matter. It is fully integrated with other Atlassian tools and helps to streamline your team’s work.


Crucible enables you to identify defects, discuss, make changes, and share information by reviewing the software code.


It enables tests on software to run much more quickly so you can focus on testing.

Jira Core

Business teams can use this to ease and centralize their operations with little hassle. With Jira Core, business process meets project management and they are able to intertwine for flawless results.


This is a great tool that works to foster collaboration. It offers a business class wiki that enables content management, collaboration, and sharing of knowledge.

These Atlassian tools are powerful in every regard, but in order to put them to good use, you need an experienced team to help out.

An efficient team that knows these products will help you by providing:

Consultancy Services

Your solution providers should be available for consultation whenever.

Extensive Training

Training courses are a must if these tools are going to be understood and applied

Support Services

All these tools need support from their developers in order to function and to continue serving the clients. If you are going to use software then you need someone on call who can help out at all times when needed.


A team of experts can show you agile methodologies and train you on how they can help you become more effective and better at reaching your goals.