The Jira Atlassian software assists business teams in planning, managing and reporting on their work. Jira is a holistic solution that comes in three packages each of them offering a wide range of services, hence the Jira pricing varies. They are useful to various customer bases depending on their operations and preferences.

The three different versions are:

  • The Jira Core
  • This version of Jira helps in tracking business projects and helps you keep up with activities while also remaining on the schedule. This tool is also quite helpful in task and process management, as well as tracking of tasks and reporting on them. A dashboard feature helps in the reporting of tasks. Jira core is helpful to a number of groups which include marketing teams, legal teams, HR teams, finance teams, operation teams, marketing teams, and business teams

  • The Jira Software
  • This tool helps in developing software that helps in agile reporting, planning on the handling and clearing of backlog, assignment issuing virtual scrum and also dashboard reporting of progress made. This tool is useful for product owners, technical managers, scrum masters, DevOps teams, testing or QA teams and software engineers.

  • The Jira Service Desk
  • This tool helps sort out your service desk needs. It helps in change management, managing a customer self-service portal, service level agreement tracking as well as incident and problem management. This tool helps sort out the needs of employees, customers, help desk agents, supervisors, and self-help users.

    Why should I use Jira? You may ask, well Jira is a very flexible and highly configurable for use in a variety of environments and processes. Jira being a product of Atlassian products support a wide range of industries due to the flexible configuration, easy adoption by the team, historical data and power engine workflow. Jira has been instrumental in the healthcare, retail, manufacturing, finance, IT, and service industries.

    Another reason to adopt Atlassian products like Jira is their ability to integrate with other applications such as bamboo, bitbucket, confluence, and hip-chat. If you are still on the fence about Atlassian tools and Jira here are a few reasons to sway you:

  • Affordability
  • Jira licenses are half the price of most competitive applications

  • Easy Adoption
  • Easy for users to adopt and use. The out-of-the-box configuration can have your team up and running in minutes.

  • Customizable

A great attribute of Jira is its customizability which makes it available for use by many.
Aside from all the benefits that can be obtained from Jira, ensure you are aware of the Jira helpdesk pricing and the following before implementation. This includes proper design, change management, hierarchy, and structure of data, support, and training. Jira’s open rest API allows it to integrate with other systems such as Github and IBM doors.

If you are sold on Jira and Atlassian tools as a whole, you can learn more by enrolling for Atlassian training classes which integrates hand on exercises and guides. In case you get stuck while using any Atlassian tools like Jira Core, Jira Service Desk, or Jia Software there are managed hosting services, and support services to help you make it through.