Empyra is an Atlassian Enterprise Solution Partner with offices in USA, Canada and India. Empyra has 15+ years of enterprise consulting experience and has partnership alliances with Atlassian, Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce etc.

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31Jul, 2018

The Jira Atlassian software assists business teams in planning, managing and reporting on their work. Jira is a holistic solution that comes in three packages each of them offering a wide range of services, hence the Jira pricing varies. They are useful to various customer bases depending on their operations and preferences. Continue reading “Gaining a Better Understanding About Jira”

31Jul, 2018

Developed by Australian firm Atlassian, Jira is an integrated project management software that also works toward tracking bugs and issues. Furthermore, Jira enables you to manage and plan all possible software development tools at one place with its advanced configurations that are available in the Jira Service Desk. Continue reading “What are the Advanced Configurations Integrated Into Jira Service Desk?”

13Jul, 2018

Sometimes the difference between success and failure of a business is the way you automate. We are no longer in the industrial age where everything is about laboring physically for the best results. Continue reading “Implementing the Atlassian Software Tool Set for Your Business”

04Apr, 2018

So you practice agile? No, you don’t. I’m actually positive you don’t. Why? It’s simple, “Agile” isn’t a thing. Continue reading “Why Your Agile Isn’t”

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